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Three Moons Over Sedona – Sherry Hartzler

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Three Moons Over Sedona

I downloaded this book for free because I want to go to Sedona someday.  I didn’t remember the plot from the time I downloaded it to the time I actually started to read it, so I had no expectations. What I ended up with was a pleasant surprise. This was a great book and I had a good time reading it.

What I didn’t know about the author was she likes to write stories about strong women over the age of forty. Now that I can certainly relate to. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the stories with heroines aged teenager to thirty-something. It’s just nice for a change of pace to have her be my age.

Georgia recently buried her philandering husband. She didn’t know he was philandering till he died. Double shot of shock.  She goes to the grocery store for milk in said husband’s Cadillac Fleetwood and she ends up on a road trip to Sedona. Arizona. Once in Sedona, she meets Trish, Zoe and Doc, all of whom play important roles in her transformation from lost soul to fulfilled, self-aware woman.

The story is about acceptance, forgiveness, the importance of friendships and relationships, personal growth, humor, dreams, life’s curve balls and family. Georgia’s journey, and that of her friends is ultimately triumphant and it’s highly entertaining. Time slipped away, and I was immersed in the setting and the characters. I was upset when the book ended because I wanted it to continue, I was having such a good time.

I got the book for free, but the Kindle price is very reasonable, and the book is so good I would say it’s ok to pay the publishers price for the paperback. It’s just a great read worth the time and money. The author is working on her new novel, and has another out that I won’t be reading because it doesn’t interest me.



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