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All For One – Ryne Douglas Pearson

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All For One – Five Stars

Books can be good reads without masterfully crafted prose. A good story can be told simply. A great story is told by a wordsmith, one whose prose is laden with descriptions and metaphors that challenge the reader to think more, to feel more, to be transported into the author’s imaginary world completely. The prose in a great story envelops you and draws you in and never lets you go, till the end where you exhaled, finally returning to your world.

All For One is a great story. The author is a wordsmith. It was an intricate story of innocence lost, madness made real, justice sought, and reconciling a dark past with a dark present.

I won’t go into the story except to give you the basic outline. The story is best left to unfurl as you read it, letting the plot twists and intricacies play out like the surprises they are meant to be.

There’s a murder of a young boy who is a bully. It is presumed that his classmates did it, but which one? There’s a beloved teacher. There’s a retiring cop who is known as the Kidde Catcher who can elicit the truth from a child, no matter how dark and deep the truth is. There are secrets, there are voices real or imaginary and there are complications.

The author can think as a child thinks, can portray a bully and the evil he is capable of, and he can convince you of madness, taking you down the path towards the truth of the past and the present.

I got the book on my Kindle when it was offered for free on Amazon recently. I am now a fan of this author. I bought another of his titles, Confessions, in hopes that he crafts his words with the artistry he used in All For One. I’ll review it and let you know if the artistry is a one shot deal.

I would say to you to read this one, and that it’s worth the time and money.



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