The Donovan Creed Series – John Locke

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When I first got my Kindle and was discovering all the new authors I could access so easily, I came across John Locke’s Donovan Creed series. The books are inexpensive, and he’s sold a million books in a four or five month period in 2010 or 2011, the dates escape me right now. That was quite an accomplishment in my estimation, and all those people belies a trend worth joining. I jumped in and bought the books. They are not Pulitzer contenders. They are entertaining, creative, amusing, and thoroughly enjoyable. I was hooked.

The lead character Donovan Creed is an assassin working for the United States government and the mob. Right there I found this character intriguing. His exploits, relationships and conquests are quirky and as imaginative as he is. I love Locke’s imagination. I love the dialogue; it’s quick and sharp and fun. This whole series is fun. Isn’t that why we read mysteries and thrillers, for fun? Locke insures you will have a good time with his plots, twists and turns and fabulous cast of characters.

I purchased my books from Amazon which is where he sold the million books. He is also on Nook, so accessibility is no problem. My links are to Amazon because that’s just how I roll. You do have to read the books in order, as they build on each other. The books are:

Lethal People

Lethal Experiment

Saving Rachel

Now and Then

Wish List

A Girl Like You

Vegas Moon

The Love You Crave

Call Me


Callie’s Last Dance

Invest your money and your time in this series…you won’t be sorry.

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